Learn-to-Swim / Swim Safer / Advanced Programs

Private / Semi-Private / group

Wild Splash offers a range of swim related programs for all ages and needs. Catering from ages 4 years to adults and seniors. Coached with experienced hands of our Wild Splash team we strive to develop and create a swimmer of all our students.

*Kids below 4 years can participate in our Infant & Toddler Programs



In-Line with the current Covid-19 Restrictions Wild Splash will continue to provide lessons.

Special Promotions has been given at this time contact us for more details

Private | Semi-Private | Group

At Wild Splash we strive to develop both competencies as well as understanding and appreciation of water safety at all ages. We offer both kids and adult programs and beyond.

  • Private Pools / Public Pools / Pool Facilities
  • Certified Coaches & Instructors


  • Basic water safety / awareness
  • Water safety rules and regulations
  • Entering and exiting
  • Calling for assistance / help


  • Freestyle and/or breaststroke
  • Floating
  • Underwater movement
  • Introductory diving


  • Breath management


  • Treading water
  • Usage of floating devices


  • Freestyle / breaststroke / backstroke development
  • Underwater swimming
  • Diving


  • Butterfly stroke development
  • Freestyle / breaststroke / backstroke competitive skills
  • Individual Medley
  • Endurance swimming
Private | Semi-Private | Group

In the essence of time we have developed our program to directly skill up and train kids to directly take the Swim Safer Bronze Award.

This allows the child to essentially be exempted from the swimming activity; if they have attained the award.

Water Skills & Stroke Development

Personal Survival & Stroke Improvement Skills

  • 100m Swim in a variety of strokes

Intermediate Personal Survival & Stroke Refinement Skills

  • 200m Swim in a variety of strokes
  • Diving fundamentals

Advanced Personal Survival & Stroke Refinement Skills

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