Swim Safer 1,2,3
Swim Safer Bronze / Silver / Gold


In-Line with the current Covid-19 Restrictions Wild Splash will continue to provide lessons.

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Private | Semi-Private | Group

At Wild Splash we strive to develop both competencies as well as understanding and appreciation of water safety at all ages. We offer both kids and adult programs and beyond.

Kids programs we aim to excel your child's progress directly to the Swim Safer Bronze Award.

While for adults we strive to develop your swim skills to enable you to experience the benefits of this fundamental water sport.

  • Private Pools / Public Pools / Pool Facilities
  • Certified Coaches & Instructors


Do you offer Swim Safer 2.0 Programs

At Wild Splash we offer both training and coaching to achieve Swim Safer 1, 2, 3, Bronze, Silver & Gold programs to all children.

What is the minimum age to start learning to swim?

Ideally Swim Safer Programs are catered for kids 4 years old onwards. This is usually when they will take to instructors independently and also listen and understand instructions. For kids below 4 years we have a beginner swim program as well. Infant & Toddler Swimming.

What is the advantage of taking Swim Safer before they enter Primary School

One of the key benefits is that your children will be exempted from the program in school; but they will also have to have had completed a certain level of Swim Safer to do so.

Infant/Toddler Swimmers

Private | Semi-Private | Group

Wild Splash offers programs to develop your younglings into swimmers from the young age of 6 months onwards. We coach and develop water skills as well as instinctive safety skills in the water such as movement to safety, breath holding and floating to name a few.

Our programs start as parent assisted classes and will eventually move onto them being in the classes by themselves.

  • Private Pools / Public Pools / Pool Facilities
  • Certified Coaches & Instructors


Do I need to be in the pool during the class?

Yes. For a start we would require parents/guardians to be in the pool with their child. This is until we are certain the child is skilled as well as confident to be independent in the water.

What is the advantage of taking on this program?

Swimmers from this program will be equipped with the necessary skills for our Swim Safer program; where they will even be able to enter the program before they are 4 years old based on their skill level.

Lifeguard Services

For Locations | For Events

Safety is paramount in any setting and Wild Splash provides the necessary manpower and support to manage both locations such as MCSTs and for events where there are multiple swimmers to manage. All our Life Guards are current in their certifications along with their First Aid with AED certifications.

  • Permanent Life Guard Services
  • Life Guards for Events
    • Private Pool Parties
    • Open Water
    • Water Sports
  • Water Safety Advisory and Consultancy


What certifications do you have for your lifeguards?

Wild Splash Lifeguards all hold a minimal certifications such as Lifesaving Bronze Medallion & First-aid AED. These certifications are current and accredited locally.

Water Based Events

Parties | Events

Enhance a celebration by fully utilising your private pool! We organise parties and events for all ages. Apart from organising such activities we also provide props, event manpower as well as water safety personnel.

  • Water Based Party Programs
  • Themed Events
  • Normal & Larger-than-life inflatables
  • Toys and Gifts
  • Manpower Support

We plan, organise and execute events for both small scale parties to large events in both pools and open water settings.

Is there a requirement for Life Guards at events?

This is dependant on the venue as well as the organising team. A pair of trained eyes is always helpful in providing an additional safety network while also having a first-aider to respond to any situation.

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